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Identities is a captivating group of shows that focuses on traditions and ways identity have been represented in the photographic image. Many of these are “found” images, several collections have never been seen before, while others have been published online or in book form. This series is noteworthy for its brazen humor and impact as a chronicle of the human condition:
Renowned Lithuanian photographer, Vitas Luckus’s series of portraits In Front of the White Screen (1987);
A stunning collection of studio portraits from 1970s central India by Suresh Punjabi, from the project Studio Suhag; Never-before-seen pre- Islamic revolution Iranian fashion magazines; Portraits of the Taliban found and collected in Afghanistan by Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak in early 2000s; Bikini Collection from the private Trophy Collection of the Soviet Soldier (1950s); Unveiled images of couples photographed in Iranian photo studios before the revolution; Extremely rare collection of fashion photography from East Germany by Gunter Roubitcz (1960s-1970s); The Circle of Life, a collection of portraits of the inhabitants of Blenio Valley in Switzerland from 1910-25 by Swiss photographer Roberto Donetta.