Green Ubiquity
Project info

This series of photographs is the continuation of "Tokyo Eukaryotes" done after the participation at the "Emerging Talent Awards 2016". I found a way to continue this work because it was the final advice of the reviewer : to continue. I wanted to have to possibility to shoot double exposure everyday even if I don't have my camera. I decided to buy the cheapest smartphone, an iPod touch with 8mp camera, and shoot double exposure directly with it. This restriction about the material was a real liberation for challenging my creativity. All these pictures were taken with the super cheap iPod camera and double-exposed at the same time they are taken, this is not photoshop layering ! It shows the sensation I feel in the cities of Japan about the organic, green and life feeling everywhere I go. The "it's like a rainforest" mood. It's not the point of view, but a point of view always about life, alive elements, humans, animals, plants. My aim while making these pictures, after being more creative, is to share the emotions I feel, and to check places and techniques for me, then to redo the shots and create a masterpiece Final Eukaryote series, and being able to show this feeling bringing very large prints.