On The Waterfront
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n Rome, between disused and desert public buildings, there is also an old barrack belonged to the Italian Air Force, in "via del Porto Fluviale", in the Ostiense district.

From June 2003, about 80 families, coming from 3 different continents, are living here and, alongside those Italian, we can see families from Maghreb and South America.

The cohabitation has not been so simple; the cultural distance has been often cause of little skirmishes, as well as the religious belief, that here is perfectly divided between muslims and christians; today, the success of the integration si proved also by the little mosque born in the building.

People who live in "Porto Fluviale" are well integrated in the roman society; most of them have a job, but live in what we can define a lost construction; we spend a lot of word about "social housing" but nothing has ever been done.

This ex-barrack is on the big paradoxes in the roman region and in the entire country; during the frequent demonstrations for the housing rights, there were a lot of dashes with the police.
The State that leaves their properties, somehow claims these buildings a the expense of the people who claims only a fundamental right: live in a house.