Project info

My grandfather passed in July of 2014. He left behind a legacy of hard work, and a complicated family. He also left behind his farmland, La Gloria, just outside of Bogotá. He spent 40 years developing to what it is now. A fertile, beautiful land. I’ve been connected to La Gloria since the day I was born. After my grandfather’s passing I decided to dive into my first autobiographical project. Having photographed for two years, I tried to make sense of my images, La Gloria, and my family. I’ve spent my entire life trying to make sense of it, but now realize that is a lost cause. Titling the project and each image was going to make or break it. I realized that giving each image a specific title is just me attempting to make sense of my family. Make sense? In an attempt to let go, I wrote about my life experience of La Gloria. I then lined up the finished text with my sequenced photographs. Viewing the sequence, the titles reveal the entire text as originally written. Some title/image combinations, I might never comprehend. Others resonate so much that it’s creepy. Either way, it is what it is. I didn’t try to make sense of my family with the titles. When photographing, writing, editing and sequencing, yes. When creating titles, no. I just let it be. Now all these titled images are as new to me as they are to anyone. Revealing whatever my mind tries to make of it, or just accepting them as they are. Like a Espejo (Spanish for “mirror”). Not a bad way to make peace with family.