Project info

Years ago, I traveled to Kerman, Iran, one of the hottest cities in the middle of the desert to carry out a commercial project. After completing the work, the company's agent asked me to take a few simple photographs, if possible from outside of one of the complexes that their company voluntarily constructed for certain people.
We got out of the city a few kilometers and the heat severely annoyed me. Near the roadside, I saw the buildings in the middle of the desert. Their facades were made of stone in gray. We arrived and I took pictures after a few hours.
After shooting, I asked who were kept inside these buildings and I realized that they were special people who, due to their conditions, should be away from the city and kept together. I wanted to enter and take pictures. Provided that their faces were not identified, this was given to me.
I first got into a woman's house. As I entered the hallway of their rooms, I was shocked by the bad smell of it. I waited in the corner to call them a lady who was wearing white clothes. I had a special fear. I did not know what was waiting for me. The white lady called them loudly. The doors were opened and they drove their heads out. She told them not to be scared and I am a good person. Most of them were middle-aged and old. I put my camera on a tripod and started shooting at a low speed.
 I entered the men's building, they all had blue dress and I was surprised that they were sharper. I took my photos and got out.
Years passed and I decided to come to these pictures. I edited them and I tears again to remind those strangers that are not known to be alive.