Edible Truths
Project info

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”
- Flanney O’Conner

The American consumer eats nearly one ton of food every year, so the question must be asked; what exactly are we eating? In an effort to show the truth pertaining to food facts, seventeen common foods found in American culture have been identified and examined. Helping to create an awareness to educate today’s generation with a better knowledge as to what these particular foods and/or ingredients are.
By identifying the origin of the foods and ingredients found in seventeen food products, the images of Edible Truths have been created as the basis of my project. Photomontages illustrate the facts about food and/or ingredients to help educate current generations to be aware of what finds its way into food as manufactures pursue easier, cheaper, and faster ways of creating it. Consumers have grown accustomed to the quality and ingredients in what they eat and do not always realize the truth about what they consume.
The photos of Edible Truths are constructed as directed realities in a way that teaches individuals to respect what they eat, by juxtaposing food in an expected setting along with its unexpected origin. As part of the project, titles and food facts, give necessary clues for understanding the truth behind the food. Image settings create a feeling of nostalgia, helping the viewer to identify the use of the product within their own life, opening the door of understanding for the possibility of what they’re seeing is fact and not fiction.
Companies as well as consumers have the ability to make their own choices as to what goes into our food and our bodies. With a better understanding and respect for our food today, the images of Edible Truths provides the knowledge needed for individuals to be educated on the food choices they make tomorrow.