Project info

The book is a synthesis of my series about the sea. The photos were shot on the Brazilian and Uruguayan coast from 2007 to 2013.

There are people, buildings, boats, the horizon, the sky, even the sea, looked at from a particular perspective: neither submerged, nor from the land, but always on the surface.

A periscope, with its power to look without being noticed, becomes the ideal of a photographer. It is an "alter ego" whose lens could capture everything, without interfering with anything—observing freely, without restrictions.

The book, designed by Ekaterina Kholmogorova, was edited by Editora Terceiro Nome and Editora Madalena, in São Paulo, with the collaboration of the producer and publisher Iatã Cannabrava.

The book's layout was developed based around the concept of fluidity in order to convey various sensations: a lack of balance, dizziness, tension, harmony and the continuous movement of the sea.