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"MelaniaLand" is a journey and discovery of Sevnica, the hometown of Melania Trump. Through the series you are welcome to discover the culture, traditions, entertainment and the roots of the First Lady of the USA in her hometown.

On a cloudy evening in the middle of November, the small town of Sevnica bathes in a soft pastel colours of a setting sun. The town in rural south eastern Slovenia, with about 4500 population, was basically unknown even to some Slovenians.
Now it appears to be under the siege of curious reporters and journalists from around the world. Rather unsurprisingly, since the First Lady of the USA was born and has spent her childhood there, before moving about 100 kilometres north, to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, where she made her firsts steps in the fashion industry as a young aspiring model discovered by the acclaimed Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko, who made her the first fashion book.