Project info

Portraiture has always tried to capture the personality or the essence of the subject, but because they are intagibles it is imposible to capture them on one image.

Drawing liberates the subjetivity of people reveling the psicological aspects that go beyond consciousness, manifesting the deepest feelings and the being itself exposing the unconscious.

In psicology drawing has being a tool to carry out personality tests and it is here where mixing this tool with the face of the person I seek to capture not only the physical features of the subject but everything that goes beyond and gives the human being the complexity that characterizes it.

From the brushstrokes of each subject are reflected not only the features of the being and their mental activity, the hidden, unexplored and the mystery of the unconscious but also the physical features of the person, capturing on a single shot the inside and the outside and somehow putting outside what is inside, drawing or blurring themselves.