Project info

during my escape on digital screen, i have only surfed on the french web hexagon ¶ important: all photographies are collected without any
procedure of retouching or reframing ¶ i have distinguished:
- the sofa collection, those on their sofa
- the jack art's collection, those dressed in the fashion jacquard
- the chapi-chapo collection, those who wear the hat
and so on

¶ actually, THE COLLECTIONS are composed with 17 collections ¶ THE COLLECTIONS constitutes a serial work with accumulation of images available on internet ¶ THE COLLECTIONS tell about the story from one nation (in france), from 17 series' and anonymous selfy, there are surely so many other stories and very different selfies' series according to each culture, according to each country ¶ each one of us, we participate and we certainly have participated to produce or reproduce this kind of photograph... surely surely ¶