Project info

This anthropomorphic series is partly based, on the appropriation of some photographic heritage for its diversion and recycling. It is, in fact, an exercise in "sampling-photo-graphics" originating in fragments of old photos (anonymous or in the public domain) most of them dating from the early twentieth century.
The main character comes out of its original environment to try to make a sleek emblematic figure. It is, then beheaded to mutate into a hybrid creature, half-man, half-beast. Finally, a few other elements both from older times or contemporary contribute to serve the purpose.
This form of transgression is committed to project into the irrational, the absurd and, by imitation, to probe human psychology. In fact, it seems that it is acknowledged that the animal bears its own individuality to which man can identify himself. It becomes the mirror of our deep impulses. It poses the question of the figure of the other, of civilization and savagery. Finally, the aim of the animal fig