Behind the shadows
Project info

We still live in shady times of hypocrisy in Brazil. Many people have to hide their relationship and true desires because of people’s judgment, so they won’t lose their jobs or the respect of their loved ones. We have difficulties understanding that love and sexuality are about intimacy and trust. We have people looking for perfect bodies, and “entrando na faca” as we say here, just because we won’t accept who we really are. Some people we photograph still hide parts of the body they are ashamed of. Our work tries to show them how beautiful they naturally are. This is a selection about love and intimacy. My 1st experience of being expose to a camera was by the lenses of my life partner. I felt the power of showing and truly being seen, how fantastic it is to just be yourself. That’s how we decided to help other people see themselves as I did. These are Gabi and Rachel, If they are friends, sisters or lovers, it doesn’t matter. They were comfortable being who they are in front of us.