Project info

Divided in 3 parts I explored Ukraine over a period of 50 days. The approach embeds the direct input of the people as a visual interpretation of their reflections on life within their situation of conflict they experience. The serie consist of 137 images as a reference to the number of people that died during the Euromaidan revolution on the 20th of Februari, 2014.

My intension is to bring awareness about peoples lives by using the single frame is part to build up a narrative. I use photography as a tool to perform research instead of providing answers. As social realism depicted the Soviet past of Ukraine I extended this visual approach to depict the present, which is still strongly connected to its history.

By collaborating with people met on the streets and talking about the conflict and how they interpret their reality, I integrating these personal contributions to bring the image images forward as an exploration of their testimony of life within the Ukrainian border.