On M'ind
Project info

My work in analogue medium has a different grain when compared with my works done in digital format. There is deliberate slowness to the process and different set of thoughts are required before shooting. Limited expression and inconvenience is necessary but also an incidental element. As such, analogue record demands understanding, as it is a monologue. What I would like to say through this exhibit is the state of your mind when you are viewing the photographs. It is a query to myself as well on what and how Bhutan makes me feel and think.
I wanted to find a way, the way to happiness as everyone dreams of. However, each person has a different viewpoint on how to live a happy life and some dreams of happiness through seemingly useless and vain desires.

I also dreamed of happiness and wanted to find it through the symbolic ideals of Bhutan, only to return with more questions and doubts on whether I truly knew what it was or if I was on one of the same vain and useless quests.