Behind the Curtains
Project info

Walking through darkness of secret doors and discovering an unknown world, it has always been a fascinating subject for me.

For this reason, I wanted to investigate the intimacy of sexually charged environments, where people seem to be walking along a line between fantasy and reality.
Places where some will happily step in to the fetish wilderness; while others will stay in the shadows peeping out at the figures moving erotically in the darkness, intrigued but not courageous enough to join them in, probably like me.
My aspiration was to be able to distinguish the different smells, take in the full frontal nudity and the BDSM playrooms, to the point to be uncomfortable.

I have chosen places where erotic fantasies and limits are free to be explored without society judgements and I have discovered a generally relaxed atmosphere.
There is an extreme focus on what people desire and the rules of the outside world do not exist there. There is also a true connection between people.