My Mother Looks Like Salami
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My mother looks like salami.
The dog smells like a french baguette fresh from the oven.
Too tired to undress my daughter asks me to "peel the banana."

The way my close family and I look at the world around us and the way we put this into words has developed spontaneously over the years. To get across how we feel, what we see, what we smell and what we give ears to, we have built our own language.

Not having grown up in the safety of a family home, I have a fascination for all that is intimate, natural and individual. I zoom in to these details and the humor and beauty of daily life.
I love the purity my children retain, despite their growing up, and that they are able to drop all sense of what is right or wrong, acceptable or not within a safe environment.
This series of ten, is part of a larger body of work. I have been photographing my daughters for over ten years.