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Public Spaces

We live in a world surrounded by advertising, we get to visualize in a day about 3000 advertising claims, however, are we aware of having seen them?

We have become accustomed to advertisements, and so we ignore them. Reason why advertising seeks new spaces to be exhibited and adopts new strategies, more aggressive at the expense of our public spaces.

Paradoxically, we barely resist the privatization of these spaces in favor of large companies, while on the internet we use plug-ins like AdBlock (whose line of code that suppresses the advertising of our browser gives title to the project) because we consider an invasion To our privacy the continuous assault of banners.

We need to put our eyes back on those advertising claims that we have made so much effort to ignore, so we can review our coexistence with advertising both individually and socially. To tackle the issue in this project, through images, the use of an “anti-advertising filter”, eliminating the ads from our view and leaving the billboards deprived of their original function.