Form for Life
Project info

My photographic objects are almost chosen by its form of facade. In order to understand the structure of artificial form, we should think about the relation with our daily life because artificial things arise from ourselves. So without thinking about this, it is hard to see through the substance of form, especially in the case of multi face object.

The technical concept of my works is affected by the theory called "2.5D Sketch" by David Marr (British Neuroscientist and Physiologist). This is the vision theory that we are calculating 3 dimensional shape of object in our brain from informations of 2 dimensional shape, outline, texture. When we watch 3 dimensional object from one direction, we can not see the back side. The form means not 3 dimensional shape but 2 dimensional shape.

The essence of image we can see is fundamentally flat. So I want to take photos that sliced off the depth as possible, and catch the essence of the form that made by our activity in our life through lens.