Riad Mirage Club
Project info

'Riad Mirage Club' (Morocco, 2017) is the fifth volume of the long-term and ongoing documentary project 'Future Rust, Future Dust (2016 - )', which aims to analyse the urban and architectural impact of the last world financial crisis and the burst of the real estate bubble. Through a "concrete tsunami" exploration of ghost cities, aborted tourism projects, unused infrastructures, or roads leading to nowhere, this project plunges us into a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, vestige of this modern age mixing economic failures, corrupt elected officials, megalomaniac investors and dreams of home-ownership.

Throughout a visual approach combining aestheticism and graphism, 'Riad Mirage Club' reports the impact of the 2008 financial crisis which directly affected Morocco. Marrakech, main touristic destination, experienced an outbreak of property programs, characterized by a strong demand and soaring prices, in an unregulated area where everyone could become a promoter.