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Diversity of tradition is what I discovered in Opuwo. Located in the north-west of Namibia, in the heart of Africa, it is the only settlement where petrol and limited supplies of groceries can be purchased in the span of kilometres. There aren´t any tourist attractions in this area. This remote location surrounded by few commercial buildings and native Himba huts warrants about this lasts shopping stop. The only way in and out are dusty sand pistes and gravel roads. It didn't come as a surprise to learn that Opuwo in native Herero language means "the end". I found myself in a vibrant spectacle of people gathering in this town from the furthest corners of the bush and land. I am humbled to have been able to see this strange place on my pursue to find the unexpected wonders of live. Every person was elaborately dressed representing their tribe or heritage. I was fascinated by the Himba, a semi- nomadic tribe, statuesque with intricately-adorned ochre skin and hairdos created using goat hair, butter and mud. Their counterpart the Herero tribe in flamboyant victorian dresses and the locals who have embraced modern life influenced by western fashion. They all became an example how diversity in culture can coexist in a very natural way. My intention was to capture the energy of the unexpected and the beauty of life.