Women from the land of the red dust
Project info

This project was carried out in Burkina Faso in 2017.
In this series, I wanted to tell a story of the African woman as I saw her during my stay. Woman mother, working woman, woman who sings, who dances, woman who carries her child in her belly and on her back, poor woman, but rich in her joy.
This series is a transcript of my imagination based on the everyday scenes that I could see: a bwawa mother who cooks with her child tied with a strip of cloth on her back, a girls selling vegetables at the station with a tray on her head, a grandmother of the village who carries scarifications of her ethnicity on her face and prepares the dolo (homemade local beer) for a festivity, a young in Ouaga who zouk to the rhymes of the music of the maquis, a villager who plucks a chicken to make a good soup.
The work of the "clothing" involves the assembly of local fabrics and everyday objects of recovery: kitchen utensils, potato bags, shower sponges, plastic water sachets etc.