Project info

I am often overwhelmed by a sadness and a feeling of longing back to the state of childhood when I was totally oblivious to the existence of a reality outside my own. When the world was a small but, at the same time, mysterious place. When there was no past or future, only me and the here and now. This personal project began when I started photographing my two children at our family farm in Norway in 2014. I spent my early childhood years at this farm, and my children are the 6th generation in my family to be here. Since I began this project it has become evident how important it is to me that my children embrace the same space and activities that I did as a child. Through observing them in this context; the beautiful natural environment, the old buildings and playing with the same toys that I played with when I was their age, I am re-living and perfecting my narrative about my own childhood.