Scanography of everyday gestures
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Everyday we make unconscious familiar gestures: we write, brush our hair, shave, brush our teeth, blow our nose, pick up objects, caress and touch.
All of these things are normal for us, and we take them for granted without a second thought.
But what if we suddenly found ourselves deprived of the banal movements of which we are not even aware?

The motility of our body - and in this case, of our hand, is controlled by an area of the brain called « frontal lobe ».
The organization of this region is very precise: the lower half is devoted to the motility of the face and hands, while the upper half is associated with the rest of the body. In the event of an injury to the brain, the wider the damage to this area, the greater the resulting deficit in movement - up to the complete paralysis of the limb(s).

What I show in these photographs are everyday gestures that are so ordinary that we often forget how fortunate we are able to make them - and that some people have lost this ability.