Only Hope
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When I think about emotions I can see gestures of suffer but also of Hope. I could feel in every member of the paper manufactory these gestures and the passage of time. They spent time struggling against the collapsed outside because interiorly remained the strength. When a person cannot glimpse clearly his future everything becomes blurred. This is called uncertainty.
Five years passed since they decided to recover the factory. Five years protecting the abandoned building because they believed in. The last ten days, while I photographed them for this project, showed me their look, their sadness but also their wish, their certainty.
They told me that each loose draw marks on the eyes, on the way of speaking, on the body, on the mind. They began to wonder why such adversity but immediately appeared the idea of resisting. To recover means to have again something that was lost. To recover means an engagement with oneself and with the others. It is also to maintain the desire and the dream with a spark. The spark enters through the light of the factory’s windows and is called Hope.