Project info

As the title of this series hints, the above works are part of a photographic diary. I started that project in order to sharpen my senses, being a photographer that means primarily the visual sense. Perception is so dulled by everyday routine, wherefore I decided that there should be at least one moment in every day to take time out and conciously (!) experience a situation and ultimately record it photographically. Frequently, beauty can be found in seemingly ordinary situations. Sometimes, all it takes is a closer look or a different point of view. One major theme for me is to reveal common charcteristics linking humans and other living beings (and sometimes even inanimate nature), for example certain patterns or (life-)lines. That should be a reminder to us human beings that all life on earth is connected and interdependent. Also, quite often, my work revolves around aspects of sensitiveness and vulnerabitity, evanescence and mortality, and being in motion as equal to being alive.