150 Years of Resistance
Project info

I aim to capture candid moments of meaning. To find people and places that have something important to say, and to use my lens as a way to capture what it naturally occurring. I often spend time in nature, in order to understand something not only about the natural world, but about our place in it and use the teachings of nature as a pattern to understand people and place. This shoot took place at the BC Legislature grounds on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. It was created by the Native people of Canada, to bring voice and visibility where a government continues to ignore and make invisible. The message is simple and is about challenging the current constructions of power and about decolonization. Canada, as it is known today, has been around for 150 years, so this series is entitled '150 Years of Resistance', to make it known that Indigenous people have been around thousands of years longer than settler colonialism, and there still continues to be a presence of Native people to Canada. Colonization did not eradicate an entire population of people, and Native people are not part of Canada's history. They are the current and the present and they remain strong in resistance.