Saturday of Hallelujah
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Saturday of Hallelujah is a sad day and all the churches doors are closed; symbolizing Jesus death. In my hometown is the same, however this day there is a fragrance in the air; lavender the essence that Candomblé devotees (Afro religion that was brought from Africa) use for the ritual washing the cathedral stairs.
Every year at this date I go to the old train station where all the Afro groups meet and from there they walk down as a procession until the cathedral. The ritual started in 1985 when a garbage woman and a mother of Saint of Candomblé called Dango suffered cultural and religious prejudice in front of the cathedral. She prayed that would not face this situation again. She made a vow that she would wash the stairs of it in this date, and the descendants of the slaves that worked to erect the cathedral follow this tradition till today, to spread love, peace and unity.
I have decided to document this ritual for years. Saturday of Hallelujah spread a smell of lavender and hope.