The enduring life of a quad amputee veteran
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March 26th 2010. Cpl. Todd Nicely, 26, was leading a patrol in Lakari, Helmand province, south Afghanistan, with 12 Marines when his life changed. He and his squad were walking in staggered formation, and they were at the foot of a bridge when he stepped on a Improvised explosive device made by 40 pounds of home made explosives. Cpl. Nicely was thrown in the air in a cloud of dust and debris, and when he fall, almost on the river bank, he was still conscious. His right arm was gone, just like his left hand and his right leg, while his left leg was barely attached. Afterward, a long journey of rehabilitation started. In a year and half, Cpl. Nicely had to learn to walk again, this time by using carbon fiber prosthetic limbs, to shave, with his new artificial hands, to eat, gripping a knife to cut the meat included. n February 2014, Todd separated from his wife and now is his mother Julie to take care of him, he is pretty autonomous in almost everything.