"Lviv — God's Will"
Project info

This story is about those of us with whom life just happens. It takes place when the connection between cause and consequence is no longer coherent.

I am documenting a naïve visual subculture of a public space, which has become widely spread throughout Ukraine after a fall of the Soviet Union faced globalization. For me, a central peculiarity of the culture is the absence of conscious author. The objects of city environment are formed by means of accidental interaction of unrelated people, by mistakes, destructions, wild vegetation. Finally, by no one. Everything is God's will.

All the objects collected in the book were photographed without any interference on my part. However, in most photographs, I сut off the background in order to isolate the subjects from all that chaos, which usually surrounds them.

"Lviv — Bozha Volya (literally God's Will)" — a bus route, which connects a city with a small village lost in the forests on a very border with the European Union.

"Bozha Volya"