Diptychs from ongoing series, set I
Project info

I am interested in the relations between thought and images, the way in which photography triggers language and processes of symbolization in the viewer. I am fascinated by what photography has of unspeakable, not only in its sensorial dimension but also in its capacity to evoke emotions and effects of meaning that can't be exhausted by the simple verbal description of what is represented. These images are part of a larger body of work and are split into two series for this competition —sets I and II. Through the edit and juxtaposition, they are placed in a sort of associative structure where the poetic prevails over the explanatory. This structure, deliberately ambiguous, serves as a framework of confluence and tensions between representation, perception and subjective significance. Spaces, objects, fragments of reality and unreality, symbolic elements and cross-references are grouped and recomposed as a timeless sum of visions, inviting meditative contemplation and multiple readings.