Workflow in the Dragon Kiln
Project info

Dragon kiln were used vastly in China for thousand years from the Ming Dynasty, it had started in South East Asia due to the migration of its people during fifties There are perhaps not more than 10 Dragon Kiln in Ipoh Malaysia that still producing flower pots and other premium pottery items to local and international. I am Fascinating by the glazed arch wall in the Kiln which generate from burning process, this sparkling cave-like environment create a stunning and dramatic backdrop during the workflow in the Kiln, the activities in the Dragon Kiln included transit and placing the raw pottery pieces, collecting, transit the final pieces from the kiln and clearing the kiln for next burning process. Capturing the workflow in the kiln is a thrill and exciting where the heat still remains inside the kiln as the Dragon kiln could achieve very high temperatures during its peak period. Today the Dragon Kiln in Ipoh has become one of the Living Heritage in the state of Perak.