Ruthy Goes to Church
Project info

‘Ruthy Goes to Church’ is the portrayal of Ruth Jones, second-in-command of the Manenberg Church Brigade in Cape Town, South Africa. Ruthy was born and still lives in the infamous township of Manenberg, renowned for its drug and gang related crime.
Despite growing up surrounded by violence, rape and drug abuse, Ruthy has managed to become a working mother, wife and local church activist. A beacon of hope in an otherwise dark world. Her love for her own children and for those in her brigade, her pride in her work with the church and her dedication to her community is what keeps her going.
It’s thanks to women like Ruthy that South African townships have not completely imploded. It’s thanks to women like Ruthy that the people of Manenberg can still be proud of where they live and of who they are.

Ruthy Goes to Church is the 2nd installment of Julia Gunther's ongoing project 'Proud Women of Africa': a photographic record of women who live or work in Africa.