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Over the past twenty years, Haiti has experienced chronic political and institutional instability that does not favor its development and produces a deterioration of living conditions in general. In this context, for the vast majority of households, very strict budgeting of expenditure becomes necessary and certain items such as health are increasingly neglected.
Under these conditions, in the event of illness, the population often opts for the traditional medicine to which it still confers confidence and which often succeeds in repairing it. Indeed, in this field, Haiti has still a great resource: that of an empirical medicine that is rich, diversified and accessible.
The story is about Elise Valdor, 72, who is a Dokté Fey (common name for the #Haitian traditional healer) in Martissant, popular area of Port-au-Prince, for the past fifteen years. However, she began to develop this gift only after the death of her mother who was an important Mambo (female Voodoo priest). Elise Vador was born in Jérémie (South of Haiti) in a middle-class family, however, she did not attend school. Every night, when she was asleep, a canoe came to pick her up and take her to a large boat where a white man (a foreigner) was sitting to teach her to read.