The Oblivion Wharf
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The wharf of Cayenne is just opposite the train station of Sete. The region of Languedoc-Roussillon has recently become in charge of the port of commerce and has transformed that canal, which was not always known for its respectability, into a luxurious marina. In Sete, it was once gladly called the Oblivion wharf, where ships towards the end of life ostensibly rusted away for years. At night time, at the end of that lugubrious wharf near the abandoned railway tracks, there are some ageing caravans resembling a film noir set.
In those caravans, pushed away at the extremeties of town, live, some coyly called, « marginalized » people. Of course, misery and violence are common place but also some grace-filled moments where solidarity takes place in that micro-society that most well-meaning motorists seem to ignore by accelerating when driving near such embarrassing slum.