E-commerced Animals
Project info

Many animals are sold in Amazon.com
Photographer/Visual artist Tomofumi Nakano(b.1978,Japan) bought animals at Amazon.com. As you know, in our life we have many animals as eating ,wearing and feeding to the pets.In recent years, just one click the dead animals are delivered to our house easily.Sometime It is frozen.
Actually many animals are sold in this website as Bait for pet,Meat for human to eat,Fur scarf ,Material of DIY accessory and more.

Extreme capitalism? Convenient life style? Slaughter of animals?
He take a pictures of the animals on a paper to wrap.The paper shows the purpose or what is this animal.He prepared the papers to make images more kitsch and to stimulate viewer’s imagimation.
“How do you see it?”. Tomofumi Nakano asks to viewers. The symbol of extreme capitalism? The life style of very convenient and comfortable? The slaughter of animals? and more?
In this project he bought animals in legal.