Geraçao Tombamento
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In recent years, in Brazil, a movement has gained much strength inside and outside the virtual environment and militancy spaces: the Geraçao Tombamento (from the Portuguese "overturning generation").
It is an urban movement led by young blacks who seek to rebuild their aesthetics and save their black identity, in a racist and homophobic society.
Aesthetic reconstruction includes extraordinary curly hair, colorful braids, ethnic prints, turbans. The term "tombar" means "sweeping" or "creating wonder wherever you go".
It is a self-acceptance lesson that is inseparable from political consciousness.
Artists such as Rico Dalassam or Elza Soares (the historical queen of this movement) become icons of the Geraçao Tombamento and with their colorful looks inspire a legion of young people all over Brazil.
The goal is to gain space in Brazilian culture through aesthetic irreverence and the strengthening of black culture.
The generation is influenced by the afropunk movement (from the United States and Europe), the Rebel Fashion (South Africa) and the sapeurs (subculture from Congo).
The Geraçao Tombamento is a movement gathering every day more and more young in the struggle for representativeness and fashion, music and political commitment.

Here are a series of portraits of movement representatives in Rio de Janeiro.