After 47 years
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Meybe I’m the first child that went to the pool with his father for the first time after 47 years and not just for recreation but for photography and Recording a sequence of this old man’s life. Baba haji that now his 75 said that when he was young he loved water and swimming and he still is in love with it.
As you can see from his swimmer children he has been supporting every one to swim. Maybe not because of the skill of swimming but maybe because of a religious recommendation that according to himself it comes from the bottom of his heart and he knows that one of the best skills of a muslim person.
With the company of his youngest grandson perhaps it was a way for me to show myself off in the pictures. Probably this was one pf my dreams to experience something like that with my father. As far as I remember the only time that me and my father got naked and we were in the water was the small agricultural water powerhouse pool next to my uncles garden which was about 40 years ago or perhaps the other time was my childhood bath time at The therm on the start of the old ally of the house I grow up in.
Likely the moral of this collection is to get close to feelings that passage of life and livelihood and social involvements had been making us far from those and we are totally strange to those even with our own parents perhaps it made us far from ourselves more that the others. Maybe alongside our stoutness we have to take a look at the existence of the feelings are alive at this time and perhaps _with the force of the nuture_ in a short amount of time they wouldn’t be here with us.
Tonight the company of this old man and taking one or two important frame of his life was significant and crucial.
The current collection is one of the sequences of his life and I’m trying to remembrancer as far as it’s possible both for the masters and my homework, and for companionship and the visual homework of the school’s students
Aug. 2017