The Taxidermist's Imaginarium
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I have always been intrigued by apparent inconsistencies in time and space, and by each individual’s unique and shifting sense of reality. As I fracture and combine photographs, everyday images are transformed into scenes that hint at intangible extra dimensions.

In 'The Taxidermist’s Imaginarium' I am creating photomontages by combining my photographs of nature, zoos, natural history museums and botanical gardens with those of contemporary urban settings. The works suggest disruptions in space and time and the strange bedfellows these disruptions create.

As I add layer upon layer, interweaving elements from the natural world with images from artificial and constructed worlds, animal harbingers materialize in anomalous locations. These new arrivals seem stunned to find themselves in alien surroundings - disoriented, mistrustful, even forlorn - reminding us that, although natively distant strangers, we are somehow all connected.