When Things Dream: Garageography 3.0.7 (2006)
Project info

"The moment anything on this [set]… becomes purely aesthetic, I will stop it." —Werner Herzog

WHEN THINGS DREAM, the third garage installation in Lewis Koch's Garage Trilogy, was presented as a temporary public art project, in Madison, WI, in 2006. Two previous installations in the same space- a simple wood frame one-car garage- were the 1993 "Duct Tape Works" and "Garage Interiors" (1983). The entire cycle is presented in a multi-layered, labyrinthine virtual tour, designed in collaboration with Christian Yde Frostholm, for www.afsnitP.dk, a Danish website dedicated to visual poetry: at- http://www.afsnitp.dk/galleri/garageography/ -(sadly no llonger available due to the demise of Adobe Flash).

Using Tristan Tzara's formidable prose-poem by the same title as a springboard, this text-based installation included a videopoem-as-silent-soundtrack, a glass head, a jigsaw puzzle, a 38-foot photographic frieze and other new color work, artist made bumperstickers, hand-stamped leaves, found object assemblages and the usual suspects of detritus normally residing in the garage space.

A brief review of the web project by Mary Louise Schumacher, art critic for the Milwaukee JournalSentinel, appeared online at: http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/32287544.html

The installation was funded in part by a project grant from the Madison Arts Commission with additional support from the Wisconsin Arts Board.