Aerotropolis, the way we will live next
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An Aerotropolis is an urban form whose layout, infrastructure, and economy is centered on an airport, offering its businesses speedy connectivity to suppliers, customers, and enterprise partners worldwide. It is a city less connected to its land-bound neighbors than to its peers thousands of miles away. Popularized by the American academic Dr. John Kasarda, at the root of the Aerotropolis lays globalization with the transportation of not only goods but also intellect. An Aerotropolis is a model of a city driven by a combination of business needs and state control. These cities capture the breadth of themes running through civilization from the re-appropriation of the natural landscape to our unquestioning faith in technology on the backdrop of architecture refined in elegance and logic. It is the post-modern city, a vision or perhaps a mirage, it is a window of opportunities to solve the dilemma of modernity: reconciling economic development and sustainable growth.