Moments Reflected
Project info

Moments Reflected is a collection of fragmented memories.
Floating in time, touching upon childhood, youth and adulthood, these images reflect on how we relate to ourselves and our surroundings as human beings. How the rest of our lives are built upon our childhood. How we relate to our fears, hopes, sexuality
and dreams.

The images suggest, rather than determine. They may be enigmatic in the way that something is always absent.
It has been suggested that the images can give one a feeling of remembering something one does not know. Or as one writer put it; it is like a déja vu waiting to happen.

In the words of gallery owner Christian Depardieu:
"These are moments of life beautifully shot in silver. Their contemplation arouses emotion, the dream. We penetrate the imagination of the artist, to the depths of his intimacy,
in a fragile universe where indetermination and surprise are not absent».