7.3 Richter
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This was the first time I have taken photos from social crisis since my marriage.

My wife also experienced social crisis for the first time throughout her life. In the first day the intensity of the incident , the society chaos and the buildings which were crashed by earthquake made my wife flinched. But then by then by the time she started to accommodate herself with the area. She started to communicate with the people and took photos of their actions and their remains of life. The people of sarpol-e-zahab are faced with tough times since the earthquake happened in a cold season Unfortunately as it gets closer to winter this situation gets worse specially that people have lack of drinking water , therapeutic equipments and heaters.

Although the donations from people is humanitarian and loving but they aren’t enough for 80 thousand people who had lost their homes. Furthermore there are opportunists from nearby cities _according to local people_ who prifessed to be victims of earthquake and abuse the humanity supports.

Behnia says: In My first confrontation with a social crisis throughout my life,at the beginning I’ve met people who were homeless and they were wondering that there faces turned livid because of the cold weather yet they welcomed us with amiability and the kindness of these local people was the reason I started to feel more comfortable with the people and the area and Ive tried to show the struggle of living in crisis

This collection is an imperfect report of sarpol-e-zahab earthquake with all of the dimentions that will give it’s place to the upcoming tales.

The earthquake of Iran,Iraq border with the magnitude of 7,3 happened in November 12,2017 near sarpol-e-zahab in Kermanshah province near Iran Iraq border.

This collection is photographed by Behnia Pajhohesh & Mamad Tajik