Project info

When you come to Gdańsk (Poland), usually you go to see the beautiful Old Town, but you only need to cross Motława River to find another world. This part of city was abandoned and in decline for many years, both the inhabitants and the buildings that remember pre-WWII times. In recent years, the city, with the help of EU funds has begun implementation of urban regeneration programs that include the infrastructure, buildings as well as inhabitants and social conditions. The fact that the Old Town is just nearby was very attractive also for developers, who bought the land previously occupied by the now closed factories, or demolished buildings and are now starting their investments.

My photographs aim to show how this part of the city looks like now, abandoned and uncared for for years, but now on the brink of change, if for the better that is for us to see in the future.

The project #gdansk#backstage is planned for the next few years in order to document the change that is starting now.