Project info

My passion since I was born. At the age of three, I was listening to the blues records of my parents, at five I began taking piano lessons. In my wild teens, I picked up a guitar to sing the rebel songs. During my college years I started to play the drums, I've been a drummer ever since. I play in different bands (Kiss, Nagy & Veress trio, Ramm-Brand(t) ), projects and styles, but deep inside I am devoted to jazz.


My first real encounter with jazz happened quite late in my life, in 2009, at the III. Jazz and Improvised Music camp in Sfantu-Gheorghe. There I saw a concert of Mircea Tiberian with Liviu Butoi which struck me deeply: that was the first transcendental musical experience in my life. This encounter with jazz changed the way I think about music and art in general. It changed my life.
Seeing the look in Tiberian's eyes while he was playing made me sure of one thing: he is not in this world. Maybe it's not even him playing the piano. Maybe he lent his body to someone or something else much greater than him.

This project is an homage to the great musicians I encounter. I try to immortalize these moments of "absence" (or being totally present, if you prefer), when the artists are in altered states of mind. During the live performances there is a whole scale of emotions present on the faces of the musicians from serene peace to wild rage, from apathy to euphoria. But maybe the most intriguing moment is when suddenly they loose themselves in the endlessness.

I plan this to be an ongoing project, spanning over years or even decades.