Black Hole
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Of the first part of my childhood remain only some fragmented and spoiled images.
Alone during a long time, my mother restarted a new relationship; began then for me a very tempestuous period when I was rolled around according to the trips of my mother and placed in a nursery, where, according to the narratives of my grandmother, I undergo ill-treatments from which I went out again prostrated, without word.
Of this period, I do not have either to remember, or archives. Since then, my memory is only scraps.
The sky and the cosmos were for me a refuge where my memory deposited; remain in me only tiny traces of this period of my life, namely some archives and very fragmented narratives.
Any personal experience consists of memory strata’s and generates in their turn new of them to become there. Seen under this aspect, the childhood positions at the beginning of this pursuing and represents the key element of my whole approach.
The images which we perceive of the cosmos were emitted there is several thousand years, even millions of years, even if the light speed is infinitely raised up, the distances separating us from these objects are disproportionate on the scale of a human being. After all, these images which we perceive today are representations of past, dead objects for the greater part.
By depositing my memory on these various objects of the cosmos, I produce new memory strata’s which are mine and which are transformed into childhood memories.