Space Project 2088
Project info

We are often shown images of space that are visually spectacular and ethereally beautiful with vibrant hues and abstract forms. We recognise the stars, nebulae, galaxies and planets through images derived from sophisticated satellites and astronomical machines. Through this pictorial form, our grasp on the notion of space that lies light years ahead is rendered visible into a two dimensional form. The allure of the vast magnificent deep space projects a sentiment of ambiguity that creates a dialogue between the visible and invisible, the known and the unknown.

I wanted to exploit this invisibility and the complexities that lie behind these fascinating abstract images through an empirical framework. By observing the deep space images, my understanding evolved towards the theory of origin. How were these images obtained? Through this standpoint, I've engaged a process of alternative vision that progressively shifted my periphery of view to a much familiar landscape and gravity - simultaneously re-channeling my focus to an epistemological foundation. In an associative manner, I attempt to show fragments of a world wherein the space facilities are not only a contributor of visual knowledge but an ideal manifestation of the physical "celestial space" and the answers to our lingering curiosities of the cosmic spectrum are depicted through these mechanisms, that are dedicated in bringing the universe closer to us.

By accessing several space facilities in Malaysia, I’ve garnered photographs that reminds us not just of the representation of these machines and landscapes as functional objects - but an extensive re-interpretation of “space” on Earth.