Mors Omnia Solvit
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This is the story of the landing of approximately 600 people occurred on 27/5/2017 in Crotone, Italy. According to ancient Romans, Mors Omnia Solvit (Death dissolve everything) meant that dying would cease everything, all the sufferings. In addition to the 600 people arrived alive, 32 were found dead and 7 of them were children. The ship of the NGO MOAS, the Phoenix, rescued them in the Mediterranean Sea. A wooden boat was rocking from side to side, overcrowded with hundreds of migrants trying to reach Europe. No one had life jackets. There were approximately 750 people aboard, stating to MOAS, meaning that a lot of them are still missing. The procedure for the disembark took the whole day, from the early morning to the evening. I managed to stay really close to the health operators to narrate their story. What I saw was really terrifying and I will remember it for my entire life.
162,114 have risked their lives reaching Europe by sea so far in 2017 according to the UN Refugee Agency and 3,081 are estimated dead or missing.