A World of Lights
Project info

“A World of Lights“ is a series of images I have been creating for more than 4 years now, taken in various parts of the world, utilising ordinary luminous objects that I find on the streets, movement and long exposure techniques to create colourful new abstract landscapes and shapes.

This project is based on the idea of exploring the world with new eyes. I like to walk through new places in search of a new reality, something more than just what is in front of me, a search to experience a sense of wonder and to follow my love of improvisation. In the cities, some lights are purely functional, but others are there to decorate, to make everything more beautiful, more alive, more playful, this is something I like to celebrate in my own way.

As a photographer, I always felt a little bit restricted by having to work with reality, I have the desire to give the viewer something inspiring, imaginative and beautiful that they cannot experience through nature, something that opens our eyes to new ways of perceiving our world or to create new ones, and I have discovered that by combining technology with a human element like movement and improvisation I can create that effect.

The human factor combined with technology and imperfection are the big aspects that make this project a good exercise of human perception for me. It's always fascinating to hear the various perspectives that these images create in different people and how much they are affected by them knowing that these images were created without post-production image manipulation. In this, I see the viewer experiencing the same sense of wonder I look for when I go in search of creating these images.

I like to reinvent places in my head and feel like I'm seeing them for the first time again, this is the exercise I like to recreate through the lens and my movements. I want to be amazed by the creation that those lights, that place, those movements, that moment is going to create. All is there in front of me, but there is always a surprise to appear. With time one develops the ability to predict the image outcome from certain kinds of light and shape, but in this project, it is the mistake, the person crossing in front of the camera, the car, the reflection, the imperfect movement that keeps it alive for me.