New York Walking
Project info

"New York Walking" is a series of people in motion. The intense pace and vitality of the urban setting excites me; I like to shoot fast and furiously, to be totally immersed and to be swept up in, and along with, the tide of the moment. I am either shooting people that are in motion or I am in movement around my subject... and often both.

This group of images were shot at busy street corners in New York City, as I like to record the swirl of activity around me. The vantage point is low; I am sitting on the ground with a small tripod and rapidly capturing people as they walk by.

I enjoy the element of chance in my photography. I like to be very spontaneous in my shooting and see what surprises that brings. It is a delight to me how the images capture my experience of a particular time and place and at the same time have an identity all their own.