Female Architectonics
Project info

There remains this idea of an encounter with the infinite, an awesomely dense, almost cosmic space that I bow down to. My photographs and writings alike result from that peculiar stand of mine to defer to the space I have encountered , and from the special requirement to get into a structure point by point and comment upon that infinite space. The encounter with the immeasurable has been a familiar experience to me since childhood.

That childhood which I keep questioning in my work is a whole, simple and touching, an immense whole where were born language, dream and human mythologies.

This photographic work in which my daughter’s life is closely involved is an attempt at tightening up the loose mesh of a lineage of women in order that it should beget something visible in its entirety and incarnate the intimate bond of what I am with what she is. She is a child. She is another woman, one of those that make me up.

Beyond the idle stases and ontological contractions and wanderings that have become necessary, I devote myself to patiently creating an intimate territory with its powerlessness and flashes, its hazards and floods, its magmatic void wherefrom everything springs up whether they be images or small letters.

This particular series, and more widely my photographic work, is based upon the development of such female architectonics, a fundamental geometry, both organic and conceptual, bathed in the primal light of the sensitive limits of the day. The varied images are as many units that fiercely keep repeating themselves within the cytoskeleton, and that expose the polymerized form of identity whilst shaping themselves into a work of art.

Beyond attempting to originate from the photographic bath and from the need to re-enact a broken lineage of women, this work testifies to a contemporary vision of the world as well as to the throbs of an intimate ever-changing topology.